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Our Services

We provide an extensive range of  services from full turn key product design and development to individual PCB design, PCB assembly, cable manufacture and 3D printing services. We are happy to provide these services on a contract basis depending on our clients requirements.

Our Projects

 Our involvement in projects over the past 30 years has seen the  development of many and varied skills.
    From custom power supply requirements to complex control systems with embedded controllers and software, from Laboratory Fume Cupboard Control systems and remote Bore management and control     applications to gas detection systems on Ships in the USA. 

About Us

Jefi Electronic Services Started back in 1993 as a contracting company originally with British Aerospace Australia now BAE Systems. Since then we have contracted for DSTO, Lockheed Martin and various other companies in 2010 we Became Pty Ltd and have not looked back providing a wide range of services and support to many and various companies over the past 30 Years. We look forward to helping you !


Our Services

Full Turn Key Design Services

Have an Idea ?

We offer our clients the ability to realize their product requirements in one location. Full electronic and mechanical design from concept to functioning prototype in one location.

PCB Design

PCB Design service, single, double and multilayer, high speed and RF design experience over 20 years

20 years experience designing single, doubles sided and multilayered printed circuit boards. High speed digital and RF capable, exotic substrates and design for manufacture specialist.

3D Modelling 2D Detailling

Product development often involves substantial mechanical design as well. We provide full 3D modelling of the mechanical environment and 2D Drawings for production documentation.

Assembly & procurement

We are able to provide full Product assembly, Programming and test services.

Surface mount , through hole technology and mechanical assembly of any nature of product. we can source components locally and from anywhere in the world to meet our production schedule and quality requirements. Get in touch so we can discuss how we can help you !


Re-engineer or yes even reverse engineer, ever had product design files become corrupt, lost or misplaced perhaps some of the parts that you have been using for the past 10 years are getting a little hard to find 

We can help !!

As long as you own the IP to your product !

3D Printing or FDM

The need to prototype mechanical aspects of a project has never been easier. This modern tool allows us to check form fit and function at a greatly reduced time frame and cost. We offer this service to anyone needing it.