Re-engineer or yes even reverse engineer, ever had product data files become corrupt, lost or misplaced perhaps some of the parts that you have been using for the past 10 years on your stable reliable product are starting to be a little hard to find and source.         We can provide a complete service to re-engineer your old product, perhaps just recreate and test the data files so you can keep making the same printed circuit board. some times why fix something that is not broken is still a very valid policy.
      Allowing you to continue making the same product with little or no interruption, or alternatively we can give it a new lease of life by upgrading the technology to modern alternatives that are not on the last time buy lists.
      Perhaps we can replace that crusty old 8051 microprocessor and EPROM with current technology flash based micro-controller giving your product another 10 years before the next over haul.

     Please note however we are not interested in pirating another companies IP as long as you own the product rights we are more than happy to help !" 

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