Circuit board Design

Printed Circuit Board Design


    PCB's  or Printed Circuit Boards are the foundation of a robust and reliable  product. Get this wrong and quite possibly your product will not work !
     With over 20 years experience in the design and layout of complex  printed circuit boards from simple single sided PCB's to complex  multi-layer high speed digital and RF PCB's with microstrip, stripline  and differential traces.

Schematic Layout


    With  a sound working knowledge of IPC guidelines for footprint requirements,  track widths and most importantly PCB fabrication techniques. Many of  our designs are successful at the first iteration. PCB's with special  requirements such as exotic substrates or 400um copper thickness for  unusual power handling, aluminum core substrates or specialized  substrates for high frequencies. 

    We use  proven CAD packages to draw the schematics, then import the component and connectivity into the PCB.

    Layout the components and route the PCB. All aspects of the design is electrically and  mechanically verified to a set of defined rules allowing us to be  confident that the board will match the schematic as drawn.

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PCB Layout


 A Good Circuit board design is truly a work of Art. The understanding of the requirements for DFM or Design for Manufacture. the electrical requirements for differential signal tracks, microstrip and stripline tracks for RF and high speed digital PCB designs.

Our PCB footprints and schematic symbols are taken from libraries developed over 20years of PCB design experience. New symbols and footprints are validated independently from the creator.

We support all levels of IPC PCB grades as well as UL requirements.